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The National Curriculum for PE aims to ensure that all children: 

• Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. 

• Are physically active for sustained periods of time. 

• Engage in competitive sports and activities. 

• Lead healthy, active lives. 

At Latchford St James Primary School, we aim to provide children with the opportunity to experience a range of different sports while enhancing their fundamental movement skills. Our PE curriculum is designed to develop children holistically, allowing them to explore and improve their cognitive, social, physical and creative skills alongside their fundamental movement skills. Our curriculum is designed to revisit and build on skills taught throughout Nursery to Year 6. We aim to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. We ensure that all children are physically active for sustained periods of time and have the opportunity to engage with competitive sports and activities so that no child is disadvantaged. We encourage all children and staff to lead healthy and active lives. We aim to ensure that PE learning is fun and memorable for the children and they have a positive attitude and positive memories of PE and sport. 


PE is taught at Latchford St James Primary School as an area of learning in its own right as well as, where possible, integrated with other curriculum areas. It is taught for 2hrs a week (2 PE sessions). We teach lessons so that children have fun and experience success in sport. We ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate in PE at their own level providing appropriate challenge, ensuring that PE lessons are differentiated so that all children make progress in all PE lessons, building on their own level of development. Through the use of REAL PE, REAL Gym, Real Dance, REAL Foundations and REAL Play, we ensure that children have a secure range of skills in which they can build upon and develop good sporting attitudes. Children understand basic rules, in EYFS and KS1 this encompasses basic rules of games which are played which develops in KS2 to basic rules of particular sports. We provide a safe environment where the children experience positive competition. All children have a foundation for lifelong physical activity with many leaving primary school as physically active individuals leading physically active lifestyles. 


Our high quality curriculum inspires children to succeed and excel in competitive sports and other physically demanding activities. PE is taught as a basis for lifelong learning, where the children have access to a wide range of activities in the belief that, if taught well and are allowed to succeed, they will continue to have a physically active life and continue sport beyond primary school. At Latchford St James Primary School, we provide opportunities for children to become physically confident as well as compete in sport and other activities to build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

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We achieved the GOLD award!

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.

We are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of physical activity and school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our events possible. We are committed to using the School Games to try and engage those young people who haven’t previously been active or represented our school and to try and ensure that all our students have a positive experience and want to try out new activities beyond school too in our community. We believe in the power of physical activity and school sport as a school and give opportunities to those young people that need it most either as a participant, leader, official or volunteer. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas linked to the five School Games outcomes and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.