Design & Technology


Our central intention of the D&T curriculum is to enable children to use their creativity and imaginations to explore, design, make and evaluate a range of exciting products. Furthermore, we aim to develop the children’s use and understanding of technical vocabulary associated with this subject. This is so the children can articulate the skills that they have applied, equipment that they have used and evaluate their product effectively to assess if it is fit for purpose.


We offer a curriculum that enables children to investigate and evaluate functioning products using their own analysis to inform each of their designs. All children will be given the opportunity to bring their designs to life creating a finished product using a wide range of media and materials. Children will then reflect on their own and others products evaluating them to see if it is fit for purpose.

Children at Latchford St James will complete 3 DT projects throughout each academic year. These projects will teach real life skills, such as, cooking, sewing, programming and engineering, inspiring pupils to become the next big architect, animator, engineer or technician! We encourage children to develop their creativity and use their imaginations to create innovative designs and products. This will be supported, from Year One upwards, using the Design and Technology Association – Projects on a Page.

We are proud of our strong school community links and provide children with the opportunity to work with real kitchen staff to create healthy dishes during our cooking and nutrition projects. We work together to teach our children real life skills that are developed year on year. We are currently developing links with a local high school to offer our children the opportunity to create their designs in DT workshops.

Our cross curricular approach to teaching in DT develops a range of knowledge and skills across the curriculum, such as, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Our intended impact is for the majority of children within each year group to be working at expected standards or above for their age. We want to inspire children and give them the tools to research and investigate existing products, design their own products and make them using a range of media and materials and evaluate them reflecting on any changes that could be made to improve their product even further. We intend for pupils to make good progress in their D&T subject knowledge, use and understanding of vocabulary and build on a range of D&T skills enabling them to be successful in their learning.