Our Education

At Latchford St James we are committed to providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which serves the needs of all the children and offers them challenges and a richness of experience. We ensure that the children have opportunities to apply and develop knowledge, skills, concepts and practical abilities to high standards. The aim is that each child should have the opportunities, and the support, to enable them to reach their full potential.

Pupils are offered a wide range of direct experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, including both day and residential visits both here and abroad.

The school provides a happy, secure and stimulating environment as a framework for a child’s educational development and children are encouraged to become self confident, self-disciplined and caring. The school adopts a positive approach to discipline, where the emphasis is very much on praise and reward for good behaviour, with golden rules which the children are expected to observe throughout the school, as well as a few simple rules negotiated in each classroom.

The concept of a school community is very real at Latchford St James ~ a community in which we value the contribution of all children, parents, friends, governors and staff.

We encourage an open partnership with parents for the benefit of the children. To this end, we have an “open door” policy to meet with staff when they are free. We hold regular parents’ evenings and send reports home once a year. A weekly Newsletter keeps families informed and there is also a Family Assembly once a week, to which all parents are invited.

Visitors to the school enrich the curriculum with their talents in art, music, drama, poetry etc. We also welcome using the talents of parents and friends of the school and are grateful for their help in the classrooms.